Developing a sales force

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The success of a business organization largely depends on its sales force. It is thus of great importance for an organization to have an active sales team so that they can survive in the competitive business environment. It is true that the training is one of the best ways of recruiting a sales team since the employer has the ability to train the team according to the expectations of the organization. Training also enables the organization to come up with an accurate and effective team whose performance can easily be projected.

However, I hold the opinion that business organizations should use selection instead of training in developing their sales force. Selection remains the most reliable way of developing a sales team. This is because direct sales demand certain character traits and personality from the sales persons. People, who are shy or those with poor skills no matter what kind of training they receive, will make poor sales people. Sales require strong personality with excellent communication skills. Those whose naturally possess such qualities make an effective sales force even if they do not undergo training. Training people with a mismatching sales personality develops an ineffective sales team. It is, therefore, advantageous for an organization to select poorly trained personnel with selling personality.

Selecting talented sales forces enables business organizations to effectively compete in the market because the individuals will create a competitive environment in the organization with high levels of innovation. The employees will be motivated to work as each employ possesses a befitting personality for the job. Developing a sales team by training does not develop a person’s character hence the possibility of training wrong people for the job.

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