A turbocharger is defined as a centrifugal blower driven by exhaust gas turbines and used to supercharge an engine. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) Turbochargers compress the air flow into the engine. One of the advantages of the air being compressed is that more air is being squeezed into the cylinder, more air in the cylinder means that… Read Article →

The relationship between the two functions are very close knit and rely entirely on one another. Advertising brings in the consumer for the sales department to reassure the potential customer and help create the purchase. Without the the advertising, most sales would never exist or at least there wouldn’t be as many. . Small-business owners… Read Article →

“Although reported sleep disorders in adults tend to increase with age, they may also occur among college students frequently enough to warrant screening this population.” Dr. Jane Gaultney made this apparent in her article, “The Prevalence of Sleep Disorders in College Students: Impact on Academic Performance.” This was her attempt to examine prevalence of risk… Read Article →

Stephanie Coontz, in her article “The Way We Wish We Were,” argued that the “traditional family” many Americans desire to bring back never actually existed. She held that the search for a traditional family model leads to false generalizations about the past and denies the diversity of family life as it has existed and continues… Read Article →

I attended a partner concert of the University of Illinois’ Wind Orchestra, and Parkland College’s Wind Ensemble on Sunday, September 29, 2013. There were 11 planned pieces in the concert but the Parkland Ensemble played an additional piece not included in the program. Since there were so many pieces played, I will only be able… Read Article →

The historian Daniel Booriston has been quoted as referring to the revolution, specifically the American Revolution against Great Britain, as being a “conservative colonial rebellion.” However, one is engaged to ask exactly what defines a conservative colonial rebellion? For more than two-hundred-and twenty-five years Americans have been referring to the “conservative colonial rebellion” as the… Read Article →

In the article, “Towards an Aesthetic of Popular Music”, Simon Frith tries to show the aesthetic value of poplar music in the sociological field, while most of the academic musicologists think popular music, submitted to social forces, is aesthetically worthless. There are two different sociological approaches to judge the value of music. First is technique… Read Article →

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