The Yup’ik cosmology can be seen from their acts within rituals and the explanations they offer. It seems that through rituals the Yup’ik demonstrate a cyclical understanding of time and that consequentially they have the power and responsibility to maintain the ongoing of time. The sole performance of rituals is thus the particular action that… Read Article →

For this assignment im going to briefly discuss the four stages of the learning cycle. The four stages are recognizing a significant problem, confronting it intensely, finding a solution, and integrating a new perspective and a new set of assumptions that fits into your everyday life pattern. The first stage im going to talk about… Read Article →

At the beginning of the war the health insurance scheme entitled workers but not their families to treatment. So people took out private insurance for their families, although many couldn’t afford the payments. As a result of this payment many mothers found the money for their children to go but neglected themselves. By them neglecting… Read Article →

Human beings were born with the innate predisposition to socialize or to adapt to a certain type of environment. Children in their very naive ages are taught to socialize in order to survive in the presence of other children of different upbringings, values, cultures, and religions. This survival can only be possible for people who… Read Article →

Studying the HIV/AIDS disease requires a lot of investigation and approaches. There are two approaches that can be done to investigate and control the disease. These are the qualitative and the quantitative approaches. According to Hoepfl, there are valuable information that can be taken from both methods. Hoepfl defines the qualitative approach as a research… Read Article →

Varying from person to person, the commercials can either be the most boring or the most “exciting”part of watching a show. It is also an essential part of television viewing as we get a lot of information from them, whether it be something useful or not. Manstead and McCulloch said, as cited by Akie Arima,… Read Article →

Globalization can be easily defined as the process of increasing political, technical, economic and social integration in the international arena. (Heidhues, 2001) In simple terms, globalization is the development of rules by nations to govern international trade for the purpose of increased efficiency in the production and distribution of goods and services. The term globalization… Read Article →

To what extent is obesity a public health issue and in what ways might psychologists contribute to the resolution of problems arising from it? We are, according to most public health authorities, in the midst of a pandemic of “globesity”, (global obesity) a term coined by the World Health Organisation in 2001. The question remains… Read Article →

‘The roles and responsibilities of the English co-ordinator are many and varied.’ (Merchant and Marsh 1998:9) I feel that this quote sums up the importance of the role of the subject leader (SL) in one simple sentence. The SL’s role requires the person to be dedicated, motivated and organised. English is a core subject in… Read Article →

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