Review on Multiple Movies

Great Performances

One of the most well-thought of series that promotes performing arts in America is the Great Performances. This series expresses sharp devotion to music and dance and brings celebrated artists to the stage.

The most outstanding aspect of the series is its ability to incorporate different performances from various artists across all genres of music. The film makes viewers have a liking for both performing artists and art and motivates upcoming musicians and dancers.

Art 21

This television series focusses on visual arts and artists in the United States. Art 21 (Art in the 21st Century) allows viewers to watch the artists as they do their work thereby playing an educational and motivational role to aspiring artists.

Art 21 made me like the whole concept of art as it allows the artists to express how they feel about their art and those of other individuals. This series also teaches the audience how they can incorporate different materials to come out with an outstanding piece.

Live from Lincoln Center

This ongoing series provides a mash-up of musical performances from different artists. This film allows upcoming musicians to express themselves and expose their talents.

This film made me have a solid understanding of the art of music. The film’s portrayal of the subject makes the audience to learn about the different genres of music and the art of music making.

Craft in America

The television series exclusively focusses on the art, history, and culture of the various communities of America. Craft in America explores the diversity in cultures of different societies in the various states of the country.

The film made me realize how America is culturally rich. The different cultures that are explored in the various episodes were unique, and the film unearths what most citizens and residents of America did not know of their country’s origin, history and culture.

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