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Abstract This paper is a CRAAP evaluation of climate change, basing on the article ‘The certainty of climate.’ The article is extracted from Science News for Students, an online publication which helps the public on issues of scientific research and education. The evaluation is argumentative i.e. arguing for and against climate change but according to… Read Article →

We first start to unravel the complex web of deceit which Richard has woven over the eyes of the characters in the play in Act I, Scene III, Richard addresses the characters, onstage and offstage in an oblique and brash manner, “They do me wrong. and I will not endure it! “, (line 44). Here… Read Article →

In book VI of Polybius’ Histories (53-54), it covers a funeral procession as a form to educate and teach Roman youths. Various values and qualities range throughout this extract, and these values reflect the lives of the ‘Roman Society’, such values would include Passion, Nobility, Immortality, Excellence, etc. These values of the funeral procession are… Read Article →

This controversial issue is not new. For many years, people of America have been more than aware of this as it concerns not just their safety, not just their pride and value, but the future, or fate, of America’s largest protective wilderness, not to mention the final frontier in the country’s conservation, which is now… Read Article →

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