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Dear Mrs Chua, I felt obliged to write to you to express my concern and dismay after reading your autobiography “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”. You have obviously very strong views on the strict upbringing of children. I was shocked when I decoded the title of your autobiography, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”…. Read Article →

On the 28th of July 1914, war broke out in Eastern Europe following a series of unfortunate rivalries and political misunderstandings. This initial outbreak led to what is now known as The First World War. The beginning of the conflict brought much jubilation the predominant mass of public opinion was pro war and even the… Read Article →

It is believed that reading literature affects the social beliefs of man. In fact, according to the book The Moral Laboratory: Experiments examining the effects of reading literature on social conception and moral self-concept by Jemeljan Hakemulder, literature-based treatments affect the readers’ attitudes, norms, values, beliefs, self-concept, social abilities and level of moral and critical… Read Article →

‘Jane Eyre’ is written by Charlotte Bronte , and it is classed as a retrospective fictional autobiography, where the writer is looking back talking about themselves, but the novel isn’t true. Throughout the first nine chapters there are many examples of negative and positive relationships between adults and children. One of the first examples of… Read Article →

Human societies, in different contexts and at different times, have produced a number of traditional healers whose roles and functions largely overlap. In this paper, drawing on various literature sources, I will argue that the role of the shaman or traditional healer bears striking similarities with that of helping professionals in the Western world, particularly… Read Article →

In American history, many historians had revered the concept of frontier. One such historian is Frederick Jackson Turner, in his book “The Significance of the Frontier in American History” indicated that the evolution of English colonization in the American Frontier was one of the most important age in developing the American continent. This could be… Read Article →

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