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Determining the ideal method for resolving a business dispute can be a challenge for businesses. A business that does not have a large cash reserve and time to sit in a court room may need to consider the non-traditional forms of dispute resolution. In some cases clients insist that the cases be heard and decided… Read Article →

The relationship between the two functions are very close knit and rely entirely on one another. Advertising brings in the consumer for the sales department to reassure the potential customer and help create the purchase. Without the the advertising, most sales would never exist or at least there wouldn’t be as many. . Small-business owners… Read Article →

One of the most important decisions of our life is choosing a career. College students like us are starting to plan our own paths and futures. It does not take much to realize that the primary concerns for us are income, life experience and school credits.In order to choose a suitable job for ourselves and… Read Article →

Abstract The increase in sales and profit for any business involve changing the methods of operation like stocking the goods that the clients like. Shifting from the traditional marketing strategies to the content marketing is also another way of boosting the sales. Moreover, doing market research and offering competitive prices, giving out free samples, and… Read Article →

Response post The success of a business organization largely depends on its sales force. It is thus of great importance for an organization to have an active sales team so that they can survive in the competitive business environment. It is true that the training is one of the best ways of recruiting a sales… Read Article →

Trade between countries has increased substantially over the decades. Investors are finding themselves settling for greener areas to invest every day not only in their native countries but on foreign soil as well. Multinational corporations have emerged with constant research and development being initiated towards new products and services with an accompanying direct foreign investment… Read Article →

When bargaining or doing a business negotiation in Saudi Arabia, it is always important to remain relatively respectful (Donaldson, 2002). Dignity and respect are core values in their business culture to avoid discomfort and embarrassment. In this regard, one should not put pressure on the people they are dealing with since it may be deemed… Read Article →

Abstract “Some of the common barriers to effective communication in the business field include lack of full comprehension of the target audience needs, wrong channels of communication and follow up of messages (Leigh, 2013).” Without understanding the audience level of understanding and their needs as well, it creates a barrier. Also, the choice of communication… Read Article →

A break-even analysis is the calculation of the margin of safety based on the expected revenues and the expended costs is to be undertaken when starting a business. The breakdown of the price as per the anticipated demand helps predict the sales that a newly launched company must make to cover the fixed costs. A… Read Article →

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