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Globalization can be easily defined as the process of increasing political, technical, economic and social integration in the international arena. (Heidhues, 2001) In simple terms, globalization is the development of rules by nations to govern international trade for the purpose of increased efficiency in the production and distribution of goods and services. The term globalization… Read Article →

Clinical documentation has been depicted as a critical component of the healthcare organizations, which seeks to integrate the healthcare economics, physicians, patients’ management team, and quality of care towards providing the building blocks for the healthcare delivery system (Guardiola, 2014).  In perspective, complete, accurate, and consistent documentation of information translates to the code-based data that… Read Article →

A culture determines the values that a society abides by. These values are accepted by the society as defining characteristics of every person part of it, are upheld and respected by all. These values and characteristics are developed over time and passed down from generation to generation showcasing a lifelong link to the society. This… Read Article →

A nation’s choice as to which exchange rate regime to follow reflects their priorities about the economy such as inflation, unemployment, Interest rate level etc. Countries may adopt toa different ER regime over time as priorities change. If the Ideal currency existed In todays world, It would possess three attributes: exchange rate stability, full flnanclal… Read Article →

Rising Sun is a movie about the death of an American woman at the office premises of a Japanese corporation. It is based on the book of Michael Crichton with the same title. The cause of the woman’s death appears to be rough sex. As a response to death of the American woman, Detective Web… Read Article →

Based from the article made by Cohen, Chinese government seems to be determined, according to the US House of Representatives, in revaluating their currency in order for them to have sufficient market powers to manipulate the international economy by “currency manipulation” (Cohen, 2007). The revaluation of the Chinese Yuan would serves as a threat for… Read Article →

If you ask a physicist how long it would take for a marble to fall from the top of a ten-story building, she will answer the question by assuming that the marble falls in a vacuum. Of course, this assumption is false. In fact, the building is surrounded by air, which exerts friction on the… Read Article →

John Tomlinson, (1999), Globalisation & Culture Blackwell, Oxford: Tomlinson’s book analyses the phenomenon of globalisation, focusing on the area of cultural change exploring debates around social and cultural modernity, stating evidence of a pattern suggesting the breakdown of links between the experience of culture and place. This breakdown’ is occurring at different rates and times… Read Article →

Education has been of paramount importance in the development of various aspects in a community. Since the introduction of formal education, many changes have taken place in many countries and communities. The contributions of education are released from the very lowest category of an individual to the highest level of global impacts. The earliest informal… Read Article →

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