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The historian Daniel Booriston has been quoted as referring to the revolution, specifically the American Revolution against Great Britain, as being a “conservative colonial rebellion.” However, one is engaged to ask exactly what defines a conservative colonial rebellion? For more than two-hundred-and twenty-five years Americans have been referring to the “conservative colonial rebellion” as the… Read Article →

Great Performances One of the most well-thought of series that promotes performing arts in America is the Great Performances. This series expresses sharp devotion to music and dance and brings celebrated artists to the stage. The most outstanding aspect of the series is its ability to incorporate different performances from various artists across all genres… Read Article →

Introduction When looking at the American History, there have been many instances where there have been some compromises in the formation and shaping of the constitution. Therefore, this paper seeks to analyze three of the numerous cases of constitutional compromises which include; the Three-Fifths Formula, the Great, and the Slave Trade Compromises. The Three-Fifths Formula… Read Article →

Ford Mustang is America based automobile developed by Ford since 1962. Due to its magnificent speed, in the year 1964, the ford mustang car finished first and second in the rally race in France and therefore compared to the faster-running animal the emblem horse. This was the first model of the Mustangs to be developed… Read Article →

Program: All inclusive nursing care for bypass postoperative patients The literature review concludes that although bypass surgery patients require specialized preoperative and postoperative care, multidisciplinary nursing care is more appropriate. In the research proposal, it was noted that a bariatric patient requires holistic care after a bypass surgery which specialized nursing care is limited to… Read Article →

Introduction English is the language that is majorly spoken in Britain and most of the world. It is also the language of the Commonwealth countries that is made up of those countries that were colonized by Britain. There is a long history of how this language came to b known and how it was adopted… Read Article →

Riots are a phenomenon that have been with humanity and have been a part of human culture almost since the beginning of time.  Humans, when they perceive that they have been wronged in some way, often take to the streets to vent their anger towards an institution, government, race of people, etc., oft times causing… Read Article →

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