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If women were to play a crucial role, it was not in politics. Even Gertrude Scholtz-Klink, head of the women’s Bureau never had any real political power. The Nazi party was run by men who believed politics was not part of the women’s world. One of the first Nazi edicts was to ban women from… Read Article →

Studying the HIV/AIDS disease requires a lot of investigation and approaches. There are two approaches that can be done to investigate and control the disease. These are the qualitative and the quantitative approaches. According to Hoepfl, there are valuable information that can be taken from both methods. Hoepfl defines the qualitative approach as a research… Read Article →

The social disconnect that exists between the ruled and the rulers can be abridged by developing mechanisms that allow for ventilation of ideas, frustrations and aspirations. If the avenue for a contructive feedback from the ruled to the rulers is absent, then social strife and anarchy is bound to occur (Abramowitz & Kyle, 1998). Thus… Read Article →

Collaborative leadership is a process of bringing appropriate people together to create authentic visions and strategies that would address the shared concerns of the organization. It can only be achieved through a process of making different minds to work together, rather than what the leading from the front. It is also characterized by collective problem-solving,… Read Article →

Thyestes and Oresteia are two stories that follow each other whereby the Thyestes story precedes the Oresteia story. At the beginning of the play, the reader is introduced to Pelops’s sons Atreus and Thyestes who are bloody rivals.  Atreus is married to the daughter of the king of Mycenae Aerope (Schiesaro 233). The deadly rivalry… Read Article →

Similarities An analysis of the two essays, North Korean Citizens can Justifiably Claim their Happiness by Denica Santos and Codi Leager, and Losing Our Minds by John Buccieri and Haley McMenamin, show a similarity of research. Firstly, the two essays acknowledge that outside interference from the environment is the source of sadness in the population…. Read Article →

The Great Gatsby-Platonic Conception inspires the conception of character, abilities, and dreams of becoming someone you want to be. Thus, the ideal person I want to be resides in the dream of becoming a doctor. I have cultured an interest in human health, hence, I would love to be the one among other people in… Read Article →

The Sui Dynasty The Sui era lasted for a very short period from 581-618 AD (Judge & Langdon, 2015). The Sui dynasty is credited with the reunification of most regions of ancient China for the first critical time after the disintegration of the Han dynasty. From the leadership of the Sui dynasty, the Confucian civil… Read Article →

Introduction A good relationship between an employee and the manager indicates organizational success. Therefore, managers should endeavor to impact employee productivity through constructive feedback, behavior modeling, employee recognition, informal meetings and performance reviews. For example, managers who believe in command and control model of leadership inspire lower productivity compared to those who grant their subordinates… Read Article →

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